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AW139 4.00 RC4
Uploaded on [soon]

  • Added a retractable spotlight to the belly, it can be pointed in any direction by using the righside hat switch on the collective lever;
  • Fixed seats headrests issue on custom liveries showing both closed and open configurations, now they have the hole opened;
  • Fixed cyclic FT actuators, now the desired pitch and roll attitudes are kept until FD is OFF, use FT REL on cyclic to set them;
  • Fixed continuous input to trimming switches both on cyclic and collective, keep each hat switch pressed to increase or decrease values;
  • Fixed failed restart issue occourring after a power-off by using PMS, now each engine starts, idles and restarts as expected;
  • Fixed caliper effectiveness of rotor brake, now it is proportional to the action on the lever and won’t turn the helicopter anymore;
  • Fixed livery template UV map misplacement for tail boom, stabilizer and belly, now authors can paint it just right;
  • Fixed nose glass transparency issue once forever;
  • Raised avionics fans volume just right.

AW139 4.00 RC3
Uploaded on 07/02/2019

  • Fixed pedals still moving when CLTV/YAW trim is ON, now they stay in position unless CLTV/YAW REL (collective) is being pressed;
  • Fixed cyclic trim up and down function, now it trims pitch when FT is ON and IAS mode (FD) is OFF, otherwise it modifies IAS reference;
  • Fixed cyclic trim left and right function, now it trims roll when FT is ON and HDG mode (FD) is OFF, otherwise it modifies HDG reference;
  • Fixed engine power, fuel consumption and weights parameters;
  • Fixed Sagem® map display showing along with every user custom livery, now the instrument is finally gone (until version 4.1);
  • Fixed parking brake lever sound, now it’s there;
  • Refined rotor spooling up time, now closer to reality;
  • Fixed reversed CCD (Cursor Control Device) left and right function when LH (MFD) is selected, up and down function are fictional;
  • Updated livery template with a convenient UV map layer and instruction note, now it’s easier to identify parts of the fuseleage;
  • Updated custom livery folder logic, now additional liveries must be tied to sequential numbers (04, 05, …); this was done to prevent the off-shore external objects showing along with every custom livery, as they will show up only with the default off-shore liveries (Default 00 to 03).

AW139 4.00 RC2
Uploaded on 03/02/2019

  • Fixed the marching ants issue affecting many textures on some graphic cards due to wrong UV maps;
  • Fixed internal glass opacity, as reported too dark by many pilots using VR headsets;
  • Fixed collective trim up and down function when CLTV/YAW trim is ON, the hat switch trims collective, otherwise it changes the reference target value if a FD collective mode is engaged (ie. VS or ALT reference);
  • Fixed rotor brake strenght, now it’s a lot less brutal;
  • Fixed vents sound when battery is off.

Download from your private area or grab it from here!