Frequently Asked Questions


Q: The simulation is frozen and I cannot use the product, what’s happening?
A: The product needs to connect to the internet, ensure you aren’t behind a firewall or proxy. Also be sure you’re using a properly installed and licensed product. Eventually reboot yout PC after installing.

Q: I’ve correctly installed and my license is valid, but the session is being kept frozen.
A: Some older Windows machines may need a networking update. Install a little program named cURL, re-start your PC and X-Plane. Mac OSX and Linux aren’t normally affected, but they can also get their cURL update from here.

Q: Everything seems fine, but the simulation is still frozen.
A: The installer could be outdated. This can happen because each download package comes with its own installer, they always go in pairs. In this case uninstall the version you got with the uninstaller provided, find it one level above the installation folder. Then go to your personal area and re-download a new copy of the installer, perform a fresh installation and reboot.

Q: I performed all of the above but the simulation is still frozen.
A: It may be an X-Plane caching problem. Simply relaunch X-Plane, go to flight configuration and start a new flight. Alternatively, go to Developer menu and click over Reload aircraft and art. If the simulation is still frozen, press P to unlock the pause.

Q: I have reinstalled or updated the product, but the simulation is frozen.
A: It must be an X-Plane caching problem, see above.

Q: The installer says Invalid email or serial key.
A: You may have mistyped your credentials or the license isn’t valid anymore.

Q: The license is valid and serial key was double-checked, but still I get Invalid email or serial key.
A: This may happen when a first buying attempt has failed (eg. credit card was declined) but a second attempt was successful. This is not rare condition on e-commerce. In this case drop us an email and we’ll try to solve the problem.

Q: I am 100% sure of my license, but still I get Invalid email or serial key.
A: This may happen when you attempt to use the old 64 characters long serial. Get in contact and ask for a new one.

Q: The installer says Error getting URL.
A: Be sure there are no spaces before or after the serial number and email. Windows users may also want to run the installer in administrator mode.

Q: The installer says Unable to download component Core.
A: Each product release has its own installer binded with its core components, download the latest installer from here.

Q: Does the installer points to my X-Plane installation automatically?
A: No. It points to a generic folder, you tell the installer where to drop the files, ensure you choose the X-Plane/Aircraft folder.

Q: Where can I find my serial key?
A: In your orders page or into the email we sent to you after your purchase.

Q: I want to paste the serial key with the mouse but it’s impossible!
A: Then use keys CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste it into installer, on Macs use cmd instead of CTRL.

Q: How does the serial key works with updates?
A: Your serial key remains the same, to install the newest release, download its installer and overwrite the previous version.

Q: Can I install the product on a second computer?
A: Yes, until you don’t violate the single license or the serial may be deactivated. For multiple license please get in contact!

Q: How can I safely uninstall the product?
A: Use the provided Uninstall AWxxx executable, it’s placed above the AWxxx directory and it’s recognizable by its icon.


Q: I got a blank display in the middle of the cockpit instead of the moving map.
A: Then the AviTab™ plug-in is missing from your X-Plane installation. Get it from here.

Q: A command line session briefly appears during the launch of the module (Windows only). What does that mean?
A: It means that the product is calling the license server to check that you are using a genuine purchase.

Q: I cannot find the helicopter among my aircrafts. What’s wrong?
A: You installed into the wrong destination folder. As the installer suggests a generic folder, ensure you specify the right one before starting the installation. Another reason could be related to your computer being offline or behind a firewall or a proxy blocking the download.

Q: I’ve installed but I cannot see the additional liveries!
A: This happens when a livery folder was already in place. Browse the installation for a second livery/livery/ folder and simply move its content.

Q: I’ve an old version of Windows, what executable should I choose for installation?
A: The provided Windows installer should work on every system.

Q: Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the product?
A: Yes, most of the time. Ensure proxies are allowing outbound connections to

Q: Is it safe to connect to your website?
A: Yes. We adopted a security layer SSL connection to protect your data, you can see it by the lock icon on your browser, aside this website URL.

Q: My virus protection keeps deleting some of the downloaded files. What can I do?
A: Just disable the anti-virus for the time of installation. Use the Uninstaller before attempting to install again.

Q: I have bought the AW139 version 4.00 before 2019, how can I find my purchase in my personal area?
A: After registering, drop us a line and we’ll be dropping the files in your personal area in a few days, often within the same day.

Q: I have bought the AW139 version 3.51 before 2019. Should I have to pay the whole price for version 4.00?
A: No. After registering, drop us a line and we’ll be sending you a coupon code to get a discount on the new one.

Q: I read the new helicopter is an RC-something. What does it means?
A: It’s the acronym for a Release Candidate. It’s a heavily tested pre-final version, possibly subject to further non-critical improvements.

Q: How can I get access to upgrades?
A: Upgrades will we always available in your personal area, once you have registered. Ensure to get the latest installer before upgrading.

Q: I have flown one of your product and it’s beautiful, but still I’ve got some suggestion to improve it. How can I send you a feedback?
A: Get in contact and specify Product improvement in the contact form. We’ll be getting in touch in a very litthe while, usually in minutes.


Q: Your products aren’t for commercial use. What does it means?
A: It means you cannot make money from their use in any case, unless you purchase a commercial license (see below).

Q: How can I get a commercial license?
A: Get in contact and specify Commercial inquiry in the contact form and clarify your need in detail. We’ll be getting in touch in a very litthe while, usually in minutes.

Q: What can I do with a commercial license once purchased?
A: It strictly depends upon your business, which drives the terms of the license. Basically a commercial license is needed whenever you have a business and you need one of our products to help you to earn money. If you run a flight company you may obtain a license for training purposes or if you run a training service you may get a dedicated license for public display.

Q: Do you have plans to offer commercial licenses at fixed price which can be easily purchased directly via this website?
A: Yes, we are working on that.


Q: Why aren’t your products sold elsewhere, eg. the most famous community website?
A: It’s our commercial strategy, we prefer to rely on our assets at the moment. That website in particular, besides its fame, showed tremendous approximation and no capacity to moderate the discussions and showed no real interest in supporting us.

Q: Have you been in contact with Laminar Research?
A: Sure, they’re doing a great job on the platform as well as with us developers. In the years they have massively increased the quality and quantity of documentation, which has became a crucial asset for them and a gold mine for us. We’ve been in contact many times with Ben, Austin and the others during the last 11.30 beta program. We did our part gladly to report and help them fix bugs and issues while they were helping us a lot with the AW139. Additionally, they preferred our AW139 as one of the best X-Plane® add-ons on december 2018.

Q: Is that true that real world manufacturer and operators are using your products?
A: Yes, it’s true. We cannot say more though, but for sure it’s the best quality proof you would find.

Q: What other real world companies have used or still use your products?
A: In our several years of activity, behind different team names, we’ve being selling commercial licenses to helicopter companies like Era Helicopters, CHC and Bristow, together with different SAR/Military corps in Italy. We’ve been dealing also with commercial flight sim companies such as Geosim Technology and Ryan Aerospace.

Q: I am a real helicopter pilot. Can I join the team to help out you developers?
A: Sure! Get in touch!