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Sneak peek the 1.03

The forthcoming 1.03 keeps its look but gains a soul

First thing to notice it’s the heavily improved flight model, now less “drone” and a lot more “helicopter” while keeping an enjoyable feel of control and hovering easiness. Speed and stability were both greatly enhanced, the helicopter will throw you above its maximum cruise speed of 154 knots without any bizarre behavior. You may also notice that taxiing has become easier, with just a lift of the collective and a little forward cyclic. Trimming was re-designed together with the FD authority. Landing gear won’t break your ears anymore. The rotor is also being reviewed by code and by animation, it’s now tuned to the gyroscopic precession, an effect of the real thing causing the highest blade pitch on the left side, not aft. Pilot is now visible in movies and invisible from cockpit. Sounds of turbine got a new life (!). This and much more together with an extended guide should keep you smiling and seated onboard for a longer time.

A huge thank you goes those who are making our life easier by heliping us out with heavy testing and to those of you who are keeping the appreciations and encouragement high since the very first release.

Take a look at the daily changelog or join this discussion on Discord.

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AW109 Changelog

AW109 Power Elite v1.04

  • Improved flight model, matching the real machine even better
  • Improved force trim release, now softer and less bumping
  • Improved engine spool time and transition from idling
  • Improved EDU, engine cursors and parameters are more precise
  • Improved EDU, rotor speed value NR is now precisely calculated
  • Improved FD, transition between modes is now softer
  • Improved parking brake, now it can be disengaged with left and right toes
  • Fixed a bug causing EADI lateral cue to appear with LNV mode and no FD
  • Fixed a bug causing FD stand-by to be uneffective in certain FD arm modes
  • Fixed a bug causing cyclic to being moved in cockpit view despite ATT HOLD
  • Fixed a bug causing pedals to be auto-coordinated in some situations
  • Fixed a bug preventing attitude vacuum gyro to being properly caged
  • Fixed a bug showing the low speed rotor to be seen at a wrong rotor RPMs
  • Fixed a bug causing flapping sound to keep alive even after a crash
  • Fixed a bug causing nose gear to hide into its bay upon compression
  • Fixed a bug causing engine out callouts at closing fuel valves when WOW
  • Fixed a bug causing Bendix/King communication radios to miss decimal steps
  • Fixed a bug causing FT release button to be uneffective when ATT HOLD off
  • Added magnetic brake to keep cyclic in position when FD and ATT HOLD are on
  • Added foldable access step on the right side of the cabin, as in the real model *
  • Updated Bendix/King radios, KX165A is now version 8.33K instead of 25K
  • Updated horizontal stabilizer, now fixed as in the real model
  • Updated FMOD sound package to sound like an AW109 even better
  • Updated landing gear with 5% fatter tires and a little higher main leg
  • Updated rotor blades, increased mesh width and drop with engines off
  • Updated tunnel console, cursors got center marks and better datarefs
  • Updated power levers, now in flight position by default, as in the real model
  • Updated .psd template with the new foldable access step

* This is the first of a series of free official props to match the various versions of the AW109, eg. cable-cutters, floats, etc…

AW109 Power Elite v1.03 (Latest)

  • Improved flight model, now permitting a smooth flight up to VNE
  • Improved landing gear sound, now properly muffled
  • Improved cabin sound, now paired with engine speed
  • Improved high speed rotor mesh, now bending a lot less upwards
  • Improved rotor animation, now tuned to gyroscopic precession
  • Improved flight directors accountability and stand-by functions
  • Improved force trim release response from the helicopter
  • Fixed cyclic trim, now acting properly in ATT HOLD with stand-by FD
  • Fixed force trim function, added new command and CAS message
  • Fixed SAS 1 & 2 functions, dealing better with control sensitivity
  • Fixed 102% command, now working from joystick
  • Fixed pilot visibility from cockpit and replays on some systems
  • Fixed turbine sound, now properly working in all conditions
  • Fixed cabin sound, now correctly tied to engines RPM
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing tail strike at flight start
  • Fixed a bug preventing the pedals to move in ATT HOLD
  • Fixed a bug preventing the start of engine 2 when fuel 1 was off
  • Fixed transponder power, now correctly switching off on IVAO
  • Fixed auto-trim, now it just keeps trims within their limits
  • Fixed a bug pushing TOT over 1000° for seconds at startup
  • Fixed anti-torque pedal request, now properly left sided
  • Fixed a bug causing level-up of the helicopter when disengaging FD (SBY)
  • Added auto-hover command, for the ease of steady operations
  • Added auto-yaw command, for the ease of mouse-only pilots
  • Added user command for cyclic trim reset button
  • Added user commands for SAS 1 & 2 switches
  • Updated hide yoke command, now also removes collective
  • Updated guide with technical data and speed limitations
  • Updated module, version is now identified by number
  • Updated installer, now identified by product name and version number

AW109 Power Elite v1.02

  • Improved pilot authority on pitch axis
  • Improved cabin sound, now paired with rotor speed
  • Fixed cyclic trim function w/autotrim
  • Fixed airspeed alert to the correct VNE
  • Fixed annoying rotor high alert
  • Added missing cursor in pilot’s VVI w/sound
  • Added DH selector and alert on EADI
  • Added user command for ATT HOLD switch
  • Added user command for 102% switch
  • Updated reference guide

AW109 Power Elite v1.01

  • Improved cabin sound volume, which had excessive muffling
  • Fixed a bug forcing simulation to freeze at module reload
  • Fixed a bug preventing custom lights to be visible on some systems
  • Fixed a bug causing an excess of pitch response on some conditions
  • Fixed a bug causing cyclic trim defective when AP in SBY mode

AW109 Power Elite v1.00

  • Rogerson Kratos NEO AV 500 EADI & EHSI with NAV (N) and BRG (B) functions
  • Primary EDU with functional START and CRUISE menus
  • Secondary EDU with functional MAIN and AUX menus
  • Custom CAS advisories, cautions and warnings *
  • Helipilot, fuel management console and overhead panel with motorized PMS
  • Realistic 3-axis autopilot with cyclic and pedal trim functions
  • Bendix/King array of functional radios COM/NAV 1 & 2, ADF, XPDR and Garmin 530
  • AeroTech LC-6 chronometer w/local time, UTC time, flight time and stopwatch functions
  • Custom FMOD sounds package
  • Extremely detailed 3D model with hundreds of moving parts and 4K textures
  • 3D lights and PBR textures
  • Fast installer and uninstaller for Windows, Mac and Linux powered by Amazon S3
  • Five corporate liveries included
  • PSD template included to make your personal livery
  • Reference guide included with instructions and checklists
  • Optimized for X-Plane experimental flight model
  • Ready for X-Plane 12

* Due to an X-Plane bug (XPD-10211) also affecting the 747-400, CAS isn’t visible on Windows until X-Plane 12 beta 1