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AW139 4.00 RC4
Uploaded on [soon]

  • Added a retractable spotlight to the belly, it can be pointed in any direction by using the righside hat switch on the collective lever;
  • Fixed seats headrests issue on custom liveries showing both closed and open configurations, now they have the hole opened;
  • Fixed cyclic FT actuators, now the desired pitch and roll attitudes are kept until FD is OFF, use FT REL on cyclic to set them;
  • Fixed continuous input to trimming switches both on cyclic and collective, keep each hat switch pressed to increase or decrease values;
  • Fixed failed restart issue occourring after a power-off by using PMS, now each engine starts, idles and restarts as expected;
  • Fixed caliper effectiveness of rotor brake, now it is proportional to the action on the lever and won’t turn the helicopter anymore;
  • Fixed livery template UV map misplacement for tail boom, stabilizer and belly, now authors can paint it just right;
  • Fixed nose glass transparency issue once forever;
  • Raised avionics fans volume just right.

AW139 4.00 RC3
Uploaded on 07/02/2019

  • Fixed pedals still moving when CLTV/YAW trim is ON, now they stay in position unless CLTV/YAW REL (collective) is being pressed;
  • Fixed cyclic trim up and down function, now it trims pitch when FT is ON and IAS mode (FD) is OFF, otherwise it modifies IAS reference;
  • Fixed cyclic trim left and right function, now it trims roll when FT is ON and HDG mode (FD) is OFF, otherwise it modifies HDG reference;
  • Fixed engine power, fuel consumption and weights parameters;
  • Fixed Sagem® map display showing along with every user custom livery, now the instrument is finally gone (until version 4.1);
  • Fixed parking brake lever sound, now it’s there;
  • Refined rotor spooling up time, now closer to reality;
  • Fixed reversed CCD (Cursor Control Device) left and right function when LH (MFD) is selected, up and down function are fictional;
  • Updated livery template with a convenient UV map layer and instruction note, now it’s easier to identify parts of the fuseleage;
  • Updated custom livery folder logic, now additional liveries must be tied to sequential numbers (04, 05, …); this was done to prevent the off-shore external objects showing along with every custom livery, as they will show up only with the default off-shore liveries (Default 00 to 03).

AW139 4.00 RC2
Uploaded on 03/02/2019

  • Fixed the marching ants issue affecting many textures on some graphic cards due to wrong UV maps;
  • Fixed internal glass opacity, as reported too dark by many pilots using VR headsets;
  • Fixed collective trim up and down function when CLTV/YAW trim is ON, the hat switch trims collective, otherwise it changes the reference target value if a FD collective mode is engaged (ie. VS or ALT reference);
  • Fixed rotor brake strenght, now it’s a lot less brutal;
  • Fixed vents sound when battery is off.

Download from your private area or grab it from here!

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Free paint kit for AW139

The original paint kit for the claimed AW139 4.00 is now available free of charge in your personal area and comes along every AW139 package.

The template file is a Photoshop CC .psd format and spots simplified rendered layers which will save you hours of painting time, since you won’t need to extricate between thousands of layers, effects and advanced objects. It can be also used with Gimp. The package conveniently includes an opaque fuseleage object you can use to create military liveries.

Once you have finished your livery, first export it to .png format with maximum compression, then you have to convert it to .dds format with XGrinder, included in the XPTools suite you can get on the X-Plane website.

Please read the EULA included with the template package. Every livery made with it is NOT FOR RESALE and must be distributed for free.