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Sneak peek the 1.03

The forthcoming 1.03 keeps its look but gains a soul

First thing to notice it’s the heavily improved flight model, now less “drone” and a lot more “helicopter” while keeping an enjoyable feel of control and hovering easiness. Speed and stability were both greatly enhanced, the helicopter will throw you above its maximum cruise speed of 154 knots without any bizarre behavior. You may also notice that taxiing has become easier, with just a lift of the collective and a little forward cyclic. Trimming was re-designed together with the FD authority. Landing gear won’t break your ears anymore. The rotor is also being reviewed by code and by animation, it’s now tuned to the gyroscopic precession, an effect of the real thing causing the highest blade pitch on the left side, not aft. Pilot is now visible in movies and invisible from cockpit. Sounds of turbine got a new life (!). This and much more together with an extended guide should keep you smiling and seated onboard for a longer time.

A huge thank you goes those who are making our life easier by heliping us out with heavy testing and to those of you who are keeping the appreciations and encouragement high since the very first release.

Take a look at the daily changelog or join this discussion on Discord.