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Free paint kit for AW139

The original paint kit for the claimed AW139 4.00 is now available free of charge in your personal area and comes along every AW139 package.

The template file is a Photoshop CC .psd format and spots simplified rendered layers which will save you hours of painting time, since you won’t need to extricate between thousands of layers, effects and advanced objects. It can be also used with Gimp. The package conveniently includes an opaque fuseleage object you can use to create military liveries.

Once you have finished your livery, first export it to .png format with maximum compression, then you have to convert it to .dds format with XGrinder, included in the XPTools suite you can get on the X-Plane website.

Please read the EULA included with the template package. Every livery made with it is NOT FOR RESALE and must be distributed for free.